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1000's of Completed Projects

With over 30 years on the job I have completed 1000's of projects ranging from the tiny to the extreme.  Some of my largest projects include delicately replicating coats of arms on a number of aircraft including private jets and helicopters, painting 3ft high lettering while hanging over the side of a number of large waterbound vessels to completely transforming nightclub venues.  I've recently been up at a height of 34m to signwrite the Water Tower at Tesco in Gillingham for Dobbies Garden World of behalf of a sign company based in Leeds.

My Clients...

Range from individuals requiring house/boat names signwritten to larger corporate clients requiring franchise or chain fascia lettering.

As well as thousands of one-off businesses I have also worked with a whole host of well-known and highly respected businesses either through an intermediary design or sign company or directly for them.  Some of these businesses include...

Shaun Clarkson ID, 101 Design, Kettle Chips, O2, Leon, Pret A Manger, Cafe Rouge, La Porchetta & Dobbies to name but a few.

Exquisite Gifts Made to Order

A selection of bespoke gifts can now be commissioned whether it be a gift for an adult or child, Mick can custom produce an array for beautiful hand crafted gifts.